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Ricostruire il territorio per progettare il futuro: ripensare la gestione dell’emergenza per la trasformazione sociale nel post-sisma


The seismic events that hit Central Italy in 2016 caused substantial damage and, often, the destruction of entire regions, resulting in victims and injuries in the population. History and scientific investigations lead us to the awareness of the eternal return of this natural phenomenon. A topic for which, inevitably, specific studies and research continue to proliferate insights.

After the last earthquake, the need to deal with fragilities emerged even more strongly, not only by dealing with it after the event, but by reducing or eliminating the negative effects of disasters before it happens.
Therefore, the objective of this paper is to propose an examination of the different solutions that have been provided by institutions for the re-settlement of the population victims of the earthquake and, above all, to carry out a comparison between the urban strategies, evaluating the pros and cons taken towards the public reconstruction and the impact on the living system of the urban and territorial space as a whole.

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