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L’utilizzo dei droni nell’attività di prevenzione degli illeciti. Tra riservatezza e tutela dell’ordine pubblico: caos e cosmo nell’universo degli unmanned aerial vehicles


The privacy subject has always been closely connected with the development of technology. Essentially, the evolutionary trajectory of the latter enjoins one to both re- think and analyse more in-depth the legal contours of the privacy to be bestowed upon individuals against potential technological “invasions”. It is crystal clear that the reference is to “drones”, i.e., unmanned aerial vehicles. In the light of the EuropeanUnion strategy, it becomes vital to think about both opportunities and challenges that arise from this technology. Bearing this in mind, the Leitmotiv concerns the right balance to find between heterogenous and multifarious rights. More precisely, it must be alluded to environmental protections, privacy and data protection, public safety and order.

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